And Then There Were None

By Agatha Christie

Directed by Katie Clark

Performed by The Richland Players, Richland, WA. 

The founding of this theater and company was in 1944, after president Roosevelt declared theaters an essential part of the war effort. The venue is small with one level of seating for audience. There is the aura of history in the building and the styling is modern (1920-30s).

When my sister sent me a screen shot of the upcoming presentation of Agatha Christies play And Then There Were None, I said we must go. It is has been a long time since I have been to the theater and I did miss it so. I spent a few weeks in anticipation and was very excited the day of the performance.  I had high hopes but contained excitement seeing it was a small, local company and I have never seen them in person.


“And Then There Were None” was a play written by Agatha Christie in 1939. There have been a number of film adaptations and numerous performances by many other companies. It has been quite popular.

It is set on an island off Devon coast in England around the time of its writing. There has been a group of 10 people, none of whom know of each other and invited by a host none of the have met to this one lonely house on an island, Soldier Island. These ten people include Thomas and Ethel Rogers, Captain Lombard, Emily Brent, Vera Claythorne, Fred Narracott, Anthony Marston, General Mackenzie, Justice Wargrave and Dr. Armstrong. All accused of murder by a recording of an unknown voice recording. Denials fly and tensions rise of all the mystery that surround their unknown Host. The conflict rises through the play as each one of the guests are murdered similar to the poem of the 10 little soldier boys and as they are each killed another little soldier toy disappears or is broken. We see guilty consciences become apparent and havoc intensifies as they look at each other in suspicion.

Performance Analysis:

Acting: This was opening night and for a couple actors, this was their debut. I saw some missed cues and some voice projection issues but all in all it was a very good performance. Toward the end I was especially captivated, specifically with the actress who played Vera. Her crying and fear was dramatically felt by us in the audience. I could feel the chemistry between Capt. Lombard and Vera and it didn’t seemed forced. I found myself mesmerized by the performance at many intervals throughout the play. 

Direction: I think Katie Clark did a really great job at directing the show. It flowed nicely and the pace was just about right. It sped up when it needed to for drama and was slow enough for some important dialogue between characters who were discussing their past.

Set Design & Costuming: The costumes seemed good for the time period it was set in. The only thing that was distracting was the suspenders of Justice Wargrave. They needed to pinned in place because they just kept awkwardly falling down. The set was okay. The background behind the french doors (the glass was actually plastic and shiny) was just white fabric. It didn’t think it distracted from the overall experience.

Lighting & Sound: The lighting was done really well. It changed color and it created such a nice feeling of trepidation and fear that was needed for the audience.

Thematic Discussion

The main theme of this play is justice. All these characters have selfishly, barbarically or some other self justification has decided to take the life of another human being and got away with it. Through the desire of justice these characters have faced the penalty of murder although the means doesn’t necessary justify the end. The law is imperfect some even get away with murder for one reason or another. We still see much injustice. People getting away with their lawless deeds. All because of the lack of evidence or no evidence but people have still have had their lives taken away from someone else and there is an ingrained desire for justice to be done.

Audience Reaction:

I thought the audience had a good reaction to the performance. There was some laughing at some of Captain Lombards one liners, they were taken along with what was going on the stage. They seemed highly entertained and the applause at the end was great and showed their appreciation of what was presented.

Personal Reflection:

The build up of the play was so enjoyable. The last scene was acted so well. The realization of what was going on and the appearance of the one who orchestrated the entire plot was very captivating. I was totally emotionally involved as it went along. 


I really enjoyed myself and would love to see other performances of the Richland players. I have enjoyed all the adaptations of this play that I have seen including the movies and this one stayed pretty true to the story from Agatha Christie unlike some others. I would highly recommend this play who enjoys Agatha Christie and the murder mystery genre. 

Additional Information: There is a contend warning attached to this play including graphic depictions of suicide, gun violence and poisoning. The dialogue includes descriptions of death including one of a child. And there is some racism.

If you have ever seen this play, let me know your thoughts down below. I’d love to hear about your experience.

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