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HGTV: A Dive into the World of Home & Garden Television

HGTV, a household name when it comes to home renovation and real estate shows, has captured the hearts of millions. But like any popular medium, it has its share of admirers and critics. Let’s explore the pros and cons of tuning into HGTV.

Pros of Watching HGTV:

1. Inspiration Galore: One of the primary appeals of HGTV is the sheer amount of design inspiration it offers. Whether you’re looking to remodel a bathroom or redo your garden, there’s a show that can spark ideas.

2. Educational Content: HGTV provides insight into the world of real estate, renovations, and home buying. For many, it’s an accessible way to learn about these areas without personal experience.

3. Entertainment: With a range of charismatic hosts, dramatic home transformations, and sometimes tense home-buying journeys, HGTV offers a unique blend of reality TV and informative content.

4. Budgeting Insights: Shows often provide a ballpark of renovation costs, giving viewers a sense of what various projects might cost.

5. Diverse Styles: HGTV showcases homes and designs from various parts of the U.S. and sometimes from around the world, exposing viewers to a wide range of architectural and interior design styles.

Cons of Watching HGTV:

1. Unrealistic Expectations: Not every renovation is as seamless as it appears on TV. HGTV shows often have tight production schedules, which can make processes look far quicker and smoother than they might be in reality.

2. Oversimplified Budgets: While shows offer cost estimates, they may not factor in all expenses or reflect average prices across different regions. This can give viewers an inaccurate sense of real-world costs.

3. Design Trends Over Timelessness: The nature of television demands keeping up with current trends. As a result, designs featured on HGTV may lean more towards what’s popular now rather than what’s timeless.

4. Commercial Interests: It’s essential to remember that HGTV, like all networks, has commercial interests. Product placements and promoted materials or methods might not always be the best or most cost-effective choices.

5. Overemphasis on Aesthetics: While aesthetic transformations are TV-worthy, foundational and functional aspects of a home, which might be more critical, often get less screen time.

Why I don’t watch HGTV

I watched HGTV until I went to design school. It was while I was learning the field of interior design I decided to stop watching. I then understood why the shows aren’t great for the reasons mentioned above.

For one, It doesn’t show how much work that goes on behind the scenes. The process of designing a room is quite time intensive and detailed. It is often glossed over.

And, it doesn’t give the viewer the true cost. When I found out that the shows will have the great reveal and if all the styling elements are out of the homeowners budget, it is taken away as soon as the show wraps. It feels deceptive to me.

Also, I’ve have seen the result of people watching HGTV and thinking they can do it themselves too without professionals and it was tragic and sometimes dangerous. Some people do have a gift at styling but there are some elements of interior design that really should be done by those who know what they are doing professionally.

But if you enjoy watching the programming, then watch it. Just watch with awareness, understanding and realism of what is actually going on.


HGTV offers a delightful blend of entertainment, inspiration, and education for home enthusiasts. However, as with any media consumption, it’s essential for viewers to approach content critically. Enjoy the beautiful designs and dramatic transformations, but remember to do independent research and consultation before embarking on any home project.

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