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Sacred Geometry

The Mathematical constant in the natural world

During my education in design, the one class I was required for my degree but what I found the most intriguing was sacred geometry. This geometry is what you find in nature, its mathematical constant.  It even includes the structures of the universe such as the structure of galaxies.

Throughout the ages, human beings would look to nature when designing religious buildings and other sacred spaces and in music composition. Since the divine proportion was from nature is also referred to as spiritual geometry. It was connected to the divine.  It is also referred to the golden ration or golden number. 

Above is an example of one of my own practice assignments for sacred geometry.

Some other examples of the golden ratio.

Fibonacci sequence or Phi


Fibonacci ( also known as Leonardo Biggolo) was an Italian mathematician from Pisa.  While he was researching the golden ration, he wrote Liber Abaci and applied this number to bookkeeping. He is connected to this number we know as the Fibonacci sequence but this understanding of math in nature didn’t start with Leonardo. In fact the mathematical concept in nature was studied much earlier. In the 5th century B.C., the Greek sculptor Phidias (Phi), used this understanding of sacred geometry in the design of the famous temple, the Parthenon. The divine proportion was also studied by Euclid, the father of geometry.

Examples of sacred geometry in nature

You find examples in nature such as the sea shell and the way leaves encircle itself such as the patterns of succulent plants. Their design is a marvelous example of math in nature.

Examples in art and design

You find the use of sacred geometry throughout antiquity, starting around the time of the ancient Greeks in their temples. The golden ratio was used by many artists including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. It created wonderful compositions in their works of art.

Looking at the design of nature enabled artists to create beautiful works of art and architecture. Sacred geometry is a very complex subject and I tried to explain some of its concepts, simply.

I wish I could do math. I am so bad at math it is embarrassing. But I do find the pleasing proportions of this mathematical concept in art, design and music amazing. It makes me truly grateful to be human with the ability to comprehend the connection of nature and the divine. Take the time to really look at the natural world around you. It will give you a greater appreciation of nature.

Peace to you and your family.